Ortofon 2m Blue 100 stylos

Vendor: Ortofon
Released: 2016


For optimum enjoyment of your record collection, get into the groove and replace your turntable stylus when it's worn down or becomes bouncy. A new turntable needle enables direct contact with your vinyl to give you better sound. The type of turntable cartridge you choose will impact tone greatly. The Ortofon 2M Blue 100th Anniversary Edition Replacement Stylus will give you a balanced sound on vinyl, one that's tone is satisfying and full ranging. The 2M Blue record player needle features an improved engine with 5.5 mV output, a nude elliptical diamond, and split pole pins with copper wire for a dynamic, open sound you're going to love. What it does best is reproduce natural sound, including all the nuances and a full range of tones, so your listening experience is everything it's meant to be.


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€131.80 EUR
Ortofon 2m Blue 100 stylos Ortofon 2m Blue 100 stylos