Zappa, Frank - Zoot Allures

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Released: 20-10-17


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 20-10-17)

Zoot Allures, released in October 1976, is mostly a studio album (there are some basic live tracks, as in the title track and "Black Napkins") featuring a revolving cast of musicians who, oddly, do not correspond to the ones pictured on the album cover (for instance, Patrick O'Hearn and Eddie Jobson did not contribute). Compared to previous releases like One Size Fits All, Roxy & Elsewhere, or even Over-Nite Sensation, and to upcoming ones such as Zappa in New York, Studio Tan, or Sheik Yerbouti, Zoot Allures sounds very stripped down to bare essentials.

159,95 dkr


A1 Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station 2:35
A2 Black Napkins 4:18
A3 The Torture Never Stops 9:52
A4 Ms. Pinky 3:49
B1 Find Her Fine 4:22
B2 Friendly Little Finger 4:19
B3 Wonderful Wino 3:05
B4 Zoot Allures 4:15
B5 Disco Boy 5:28

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Zappa, Frank - Zoot Allures Zappa, Frank - Zoot Allures