Doobie Brothers - Captain And Me

Vendor: WB
Released: 1973


WB BSK WB 46 217 made in Germany, gatefoldcover.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

The Doobie Brothers' third long-player was the charm, their most substantial and consistent album to date, and one that rode the charts for a year. It was also a study in contrasts, Tom Johnston's harder-edged, bolder rocking numbers balanced by Patrick Simmons' more laid-back country-rock ballad style. The leadoff track, Johnston's "Natural Thing," melded the two, opening with interlocking guitars and showcasing the band's exquisite soaring harmonies around a beautiful melody, all wrapped up in a midtempo beat -- the result was somewhere midway between Allman Brothers-style virtuosity and Eagles/Crosby & Nash-type lyricism.


Natural Thing     3:17
Long Train Runnin'     3:25
China Grove     3:14
Dark Eyed Cajun Woman     4:12
Clear As The Driven Snow     5:18
Without You     4:58
South City Midnight Lady     5:27
Evil Woman     3:17
Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners     0:48
Ukiah     3:04
The Captain And Me     4:53

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Doobie Brothers - Captain And Me Doobie Brothers - Captain And Me