Charlatans - Up The Lake

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Released: 26-10-18


180 GRAM VINYL (Pre-order, out 26-10-18)

The dance and hip-hop textures on the Charlatans U.K.'s 2001 album, Wonderland, fade to the back on the surprisingly subdued Up at the Lake, the Charlatans' eighth studio album. On Wonderland, the band sounded like it still wanted to change the world (or, at the very least, the world's dancefloors), but Up at the Lake sounds like its title suggests: a retreat and a retrenchment. The classic-rock coloring that dominated discs like the band's self-titled release and Tellin' Stories are back, combined with some previously unheard brief flirtations with classic folk.

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Up At The Lake     3:45
Feel The Pressure     3:35
As I Watch You In Disbelief     3:48
Cry Yourself To Sleep     4:25
Bonafide Treasure     3:24
High Up Your Tree     4:01
Blue For You     3:56
I'll Sing A Hymn (You Came To Me)     2:43
Loving You Is Easy     5:00
Try Again Today     3:42
Apples And Oranges     4:20
Dead Love     2:21

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Charlatans - Up The Lake Charlatans - Up The Lake