Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild

Vendor: Sacred Bones
Release: 16-08-19


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 16-08-19)

"“In this post-industrial, post-enlightenment religion of ourselves, we have manifested a serpent of consumerism which now coils back upon us. It seduces us with our own bait as we betray the better instincts of our nature and the future of our own world. We throw ourselves out of our own garden. We poison ourselves to the edges of an endless sleep. Animated Violence Mild was written throughout 2018, at Blanck Mass’ studio outside of Edinburgh. These eight tracks are the diary of a year of work steeped in honing craft, self-discovery, and grief - the latter of which reared its head at the final hurdle of producing this record and created a whole separate narrative: grief, both for what I have lost personally, but also in a global sense, for what we as a species have lost and handed over to our blood-sucking counterpart, consumerism, only to be ravaged by it.

169.95 dkr


1     Intro (0:35)     
2     Death Drop (7:19)     
3     House Vs. House (7:42)     
4     Hush Money (5:33)     
5     Love Is a Parasite (6:16)     
6     Creature/West Fuqua (3:44)     
7     No Dice (6:07)     
8     Wings of Hate (5:54)


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Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild