Climax Chicago Blues Band – A Lot Of Bottle

Vendor: Sire Records
Released: 1976

SASD 7518 made in US.
Vinyl NM. Cover EX.
This album starts out promisingly (and interestingly, and misleadingly) with a cool acoustic number, "Country Hat," before the amplification gets cranked up and a lot of subtlety goes out the window. Still, this is generally an exciting album, if not always an interesting one. The band plays hard enough on grinding, crunchy shouters like "Reap What I've Sowed" (which features a wondering, soaring solo by Peter Haycock, and a spellbinding performance by Derek Holt on bass), which also parallels Mountain's contemporary release "Mississippi Queen"; and they bring back in that oft-overlooked instrument, the saxophone (played by Colin Cooper), on "Brief Case."


A1 Country Hat
A2 Everyday
A3 Reap What I've Sowed
A4 Brief Case
A5 Alright Blue ?
B1 Seventh Son
B2 Please Don't Help Me
B3 Morning Noon And Night
B4 Long Lovin' Man
B5 Louisiana Blues
B6 Cut You Loose

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Climax Chicago Blues Band – A Lot Of Bottle Climax Chicago Blues Band – A Lot Of Bottle