Clapton, Eric ‎– Eric Clapton

Vendor: RSO
Country: UK


RSO, SPELP 54 made in the UK. 

Vinyl VG+ Cover VG+.

 Eric Clapton's eponymous solo debut was recorded after he completed a tour with Delaney & Bonnie. Clapton used the core of the duo's backing band and co-wrote the majority of the songs with Delaney Bramlett -- accordingly, Eric Clapton sounds more laid-back and straightforward than any of the guitarist's previous recordings.


A1 Slunky 3:40
A2 Bad Boy 4:17
A3 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home 4:00
A4 After Midnight 3:15
A5 Easy Now 2:55
A6 Blues Power 3:45
B1 Bottle Of Red Wine 2:55
B2 Lovin' You Lovin' Me 3:45
B3 Told You For The Last Time 2:30
B4 Don't Know Why 3:35
B5 Let It Rain 5:17

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Clapton, Eric ‎– Eric Clapton Clapton, Eric ‎– Eric Clapton