Charles, Ray - Would You Believe ?

Vendor: WB
Released: 1990


WB 7599-26343-1 made in Germany. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Ray Charles was the musician most responsible for developing soul music. Singers like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson also did a great deal to pioneer the form, but Charles did even more to devise a new form of black pop by merging '50s R&B with gospel-powered vocals, adding plenty of flavor from contemporary jazz, blues, and (in the '60s) country. Then there was his singing; his style was among the most emotional and easily identifiable of any 20th century performer, up there with the likes of Elvis and Billie Holiday.


I'll Take Care Of You     3:59
Your Love Keeps Me Satisfied     3:37     
Ellie, My Love     4:09     
I Can't Get Enough     3:17     
Let's Get Back Where We Left Off     4:12     
Child Support, Alimony     3:45     
Fresh Out Of Tears     3:21     
Living Without You     4:39     
Where's The Stairs ?     4:24     
Leave Him !     4:19

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Charles, Ray - Would You Believe ? Charles, Ray - Would You Believe ?