Campbell, John - One Believer

Vendor: Elektra
Released: 1991


Elektra 7559-61086 made in Germany. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

The Elektra debut by the late bluesman John Campbell is a curious affair in more than one respect-despite it's obvious excellence and original voice. The first is that he was signed at all. Clearly in 1990 when Campbell signed his deal, record company executives were still interested inn finding new and original talent and developing them over a period of time. One Believer was outside of virtually every trend on major labels and in pop at the time. Other than Chris Whitley's Living with the Law, it was the only roots record issued on a major label in 1991.


1. Devil In My Closet
2. Angels Of Sorrow
3. Wild Streak
4. Couldn't Do Nothin'
5. Tiny Coffin
6. World Of Trouble
7. Voodoo Edge
8. Person To Person
9. Take Me Down
10. One Believer

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Campbell, John - One Believer Campbell, John - One Believer