Cale, J.J. - Roll On

Vendor: Because
Released: 2009


While songwriter J.J. Cale has established himself as an elusive and even reluctant legend in popular music with his sporadic string of releases over the last 38 years, he's never drastically changed his approach. Cale is a workmanlike songwriter whose roots in blues, Okie folk, and roots rock music have been informing his tales of travel, nocturnal pleasure, and everyday life all the while. Even the acclaimed but spaced out Travel Log (which was Cale's equivalent to Neil Young's Trans) never managed to root his sound that far afield from its wellspring. 2009's Roll On, is more strange, laid-back grooves and road-weary tales of quark strangeness and charm from an inveterate master.

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1. Who Knew
2. Former Me
3. Where The Sun Don't Shine
4. Down To Memphis
5. Strange Days
6. Cherry Street
7. Fonda-lina
8. Leaving In The Morning
9. Oh Mary
10. Old Friend
11. Roll On
12. Bring Down The Curtain

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Cale, J.J. - Roll On Cale, J.J. - Roll On