Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs

Vendor: RCA
Released: German normal version


RCA NL 83889 made in Germany.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG+.

David Bowie fired the Spiders From Mars shortly after the release of Pin Ups, but he didn't completely leave the Ziggy Stardust persona behind. Diamond Dogs suffers precisely because of this -- he doesn't know how to move forward. Originally conceived as a concept album based on George Orwell's 1984, Diamond Dogs evolved into another one of Bowie's paranoid future nightmares. Throughout the album, there are hints that he's tired with the Ziggy formula, particularly in the disco underpinning of "Candidate" and his cut-and-paste lyrics. However, it's not enough to make Diamond Dogs a step forward, and without Mick Ronson to lead the band, the rockers are too stiff to make an impact. Ironically, the one exception is one of Bowie's very best songs -- the tight, sexy "Rebel Rebel."


1.Future Legend
2.Diamond Dogs
3.Sweet Thing
5.Sweet Thing (reprise)
6.Rebel Rebel
7.Rock 'N Roll With Me
8.We Are The Dead
10.Big Brother
11.Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family


     Bonus Tracks
B5     Dodo     2:55
B6     Candidate 5:05

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Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs