Blaue Blume - Beau & Lorette

Vendor: Universal
Released: 2014


This is one of those records that it's very hard to believe has been made in 2014. It looks and sounds as if it came out in 1990, as noted by the handy micro-review stuck to the front. "'80s/early '90s baggy shoegaze Cocteaus. This EP often captures the wishy-washy blandness of forgotten late '80s pop a little too well, and it's on 'Lemon Tree' where they really come into their own with a weird wibbly out of tune guitar and some dramatic unexpected dynamic shifts making for a track that's drifty and wistful but has an underlying Kate Bush-esque tension and energy and weirdness that gives a glimpse of how ambitious and imaginative the band can be when they stretch themselves a little.


1     Birthday     4:39
2     Lost Sons Of Boys     3:07
3     In Disco Lights     4:16
4     Lemon Tree     5:22
5     Conventional Dreams (Our House)     4:30

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Blaue Blume - Beau & Lorette Blaue Blume - Beau & Lorette