Baphomet - Last Jesus.

Vendor: Massacre
Year: 1992


Massacre MASS LP 007 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve and in yellow  vinyl. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

The original "chunk-style" death metal band, Baphomet use simple compelling rhythmic drive to build a sequence of turnaround style riffs into songs with an overall complexity far beyond the assessment of their parts. Heavy emphasis on downstrumming and strobing muted single-chord rhythm riffing place this band in the New York style of death metal with its quotations from speed metal, grindcore, and early death metal alike: imagine Deathstrike and Repulsion running into Raven on the subway. 


1. A Second To None 04:37
2. Lethal Tendencies (Hallows Eve Cover) 06:29

3. State Of Censorship 03:19
4. Latest Jesus 06:34
5. Coalition Of The Lost 04:55
6. Born Of No Name 06:08
7. Near Dawn 03:43
8. Full Moon Eyes 03:56

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€16.95 EUR
Baphomet - Last Jesus. Baphomet - Last Jesus.