Back To The Future II - OST.

Vendor: MCA
Released: 1989


MCA 2570701 made in Germany. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

The fairly awesome sequel, which took place in 2012 (we’re almost there) demonstrated that in 1997, a Miami baseball team would beat the Indians in the World Series in seven games. This prediction was made despite the fact that there was no Miami-based baseball team when the film was made in 1989. The writer must have been a psychic. Or lucky. Whatever helps you sleep at night. 


A1 Main Title 2:21

A2 The Future 5:23  

A3 Hoverboard Chase 2:49  

A4 A Flying Delorean? 4:31  

A5 My Father! 2:04  

A6 "Alternate 1985" 3:05  


B1 If They Ever Did 3:58  

B2 Pair O' Docs 1:27  

B3 The Book 4:50  

B4 Tunnel Chase 5:21  

B5 Burn The Book 2:26  

B6 Western Union 1:52  

B7 End Title 4:38  

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Back To The Future II - OST. Back To The Future II - OST.