B. Joe - Ready To Ride.

Vendor: Galahad
Year: 1992


Galahad oo1 made in EEC with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Non smoking vegetarian hippie with a mind that's just about to change - most of the time. In control - while out on a limb. Always trying to get into that room. The songs are the doors - the sound is the key... Did more that 2000 gigs and concerts so far trying to get in there. Sometimes - not always - I get in. No time, no space, no ego, no me... Just... B http://www.b-joe.com/


1: Rock'n 'Roll Junkie

2: Ready To Ride

3: Dirty Sheets

4: Don't Wanna Lose You

5: Forty Days - 6: Lies

7: Brand New Start

8: Alright Now

9: All The Nights


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€16.95 EUR
B. Joe - Ready To Ride. B. Joe - Ready To Ride.