Army Of Lovers - The Gods Of Earth And Heaven

Vendor: Stockholm Records
Released: 1993


Stockholm Records 519 133 made in Sweden with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

The flamboyant multicultural Swedish dance-pop group Army of Lovers formed in 1987, the brainchild of composer and producer Alexander Bard. Five years earlier Bard first emerged as a member of the short-lived trio Baard, best known for the single "Life in a Goldfish Bowl." In 1985 -- in drag, no less -- he led Barbie, a band also comprised of hairdresser Jean-Pierre Barda (alias Farouk), Yazmina Chantal, and model Camilla Henemark (aka Katanga); two years later, Bard, Barda, and Henemark (now performing under the name La Camilla) founded Army of Lovers, taking the name in honor of the 1970s cult movie Armee der Liebenden.


Chihuahuas On Parade     0:41          
We Are The Universe     3:41          
La Plage De Saint-Tropez     3:32          
I Am     3:54          
Le Portrait De Jean-Pierre     0:44          
Israelism     3:20          
The Grand Fatigue     3:32          
Carry My Urn To Ukraine     4:04          
Sebastien     3:33          
La Storia Di O     0:45          
Blood In The Chapel     3:16          
The Ballad Of Marie Curie     3:48          
Heterosexuality     4:10          
Sons Of Lucy     3:02          
Also Sprach Alexander     0:35          
The Day The Gods Help Us All     3:45    

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Army Of Lovers - The Gods Of Earth And Heaven Army Of Lovers - The Gods Of Earth And Heaven