America - Hat Trick

Vendor: Warner Bros. Records
Released: 1973

WB Records K 56016 made in UK witn poster.
Vinyl NM. Cover EX.
America was a light folk-rock act of the early '70s who had several Top Ten hits, including the number ones "A Horse with No Name" and "Sister Golden Hair." Vocalists/guitarists Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek, and Gerry Beckley met while they were still in high school in the late '60s; all three were sons of U.S. Air Force officers who were stationed in the U.K. After they completed school in 1970, they formed an acoustic folk-rock quartet called Daze in London, which was soon pared down to the trio of Bunnell, Peek, and Beckley. Adopting the name America, the group landed a contract with Jeff Dexter, a promoter for the Roundhouse concert venue.


1. Muskrat Love
2. Wind Wave
3. She`s Gonna Let You Down
4. Rainbow Song
5. Submarine Ladies
6. It`s Life
7. Hat Trick
8. Molten Love
9. Green Monkey
10. Willow Tree Lullaby
11. Goodbye

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America - Hat Trick America - Hat Trick