Accept - Metal Masters

Vendor: Razor
Released: 1984


Razor RAZD 11 made in UK.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

With their brutal, simple riffs and aggressive, fast tempos, Accept were one of the top metal bands of the early '80s, and a major influence on the development of thrash. Led by the unique vocal stylings of screeching banshee Udo Dirkschneider, the band forged an instantly recognizable sound and was notorious as one of the decade's fiercest live acts. Despite recording two of the best heavy metal albums of the decade in Restless & Wild and Balls to the Wall, Accept remained too heavy and extreme for American audiences to embrace -- even when they tried to tone down their act with more melodic songs.


A1         I'm A Rebel         
A2         Save Us         
A3         No Time To Lose         
A4         Thunder & Lightning         
B1         China Lady         
B2         I Wanna Be No Hero         
B3         The King         
B4         Do It         
C1         Starlight         
C2         Breaker         
C3         Run If You Can         
C4         Can't Stand The Night         
C5         Son Of A Bitch         
D1         Burning         
D2         Feelings         
D3         Midnight Highway         
D4         Breaking Up Again         
D5         Down And Out

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Accept - Metal Masters Accept - Metal Masters