Accept ‎– Breaker

Vendor: Brain
Released: 1981


0060.390 made in Germany. With original innersleeve,

In retrospect, Accept's combination of taught, crunching guitar riffs and the uniquely screeching vocals of singer Udo Dirkschneider has become one of the most instantly recognizable sonic identities in all of hard rock and metal. And after finding the sound they'd been searching for with the title track of their previous album I'm a Rebel, the German quintet made sure to quickly patent it as their own on 1982's Breaker. Though it remains a must-have for die-hard fans only, this was where the band truly hit their stride, not to mention launched their career.


A1 Starlight 3:52
A2 Breaker 3:35
A3 Run If You Can 4:49
A4 Can't Stand The Night 5:22
A5 Son Of A Bitch 3:55
B1 Burning 5:15
B2 Feelings 4:48
B3 Midnight Highway 3:58
B4 Breaking Up Again 4:49
B5 Down And Out 3:42

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Accept ‎– Breaker Accept ‎– Breaker