Art Brut - Brilliant! Tragic!

May 30 2011

It’s time we stop comparing Art Brut to Art Brut, and time we acknowledge the brief love affair that was Bang Bang Rock and Roll,It’s a Bit Complicated‘s sameness, Art Brut Vs. Satan‘s same sameness and accept the band for what they are: ironic sort-of-punkers-but-mostly-jokesters who like to pun Axl Rose and play Pixies-infused squelch-rock—which is exactly what they do on their new album, Brilliant! Tragic!

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Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave.

May 16 2011

The Recommendation of week 20 is the NEW! Raveonettes album, Raven In The Grave.

Let me say it upfront, this is the best Raveonnettes album until now. 

They have the same great Phil Spector /Jesus and Mary Chain sound, but the new songs are just a twist better this time.

This is the true Raveonnettes, this is not at pop record like their previouse In And out Of Controll

This is a band with attitute and thoughtful lyrick. 


☆☆☆☆☆☆ from The RecordPusher .

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