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All about P&P on RecordPusher.

First of all all orders are shipped as cheap and safe as possible (B Economique), you have the option to choose shipping with Trace & Track if you like. Our experience is that B Economique is a very good/safe choice.


The system is set to automatically calculate the P&P so that you will be informed about the cost for your specific order just before getting to the final payment site. You can also choose if you want to insure your shipment. All this you can see in the last step in check out, just before finally confirming your order.

Main rule for P&P to Denmark.

1. vinyl ...........3.95 €.
2-3. vinyl ......4.95 €.

1. 7" single.....1.95 €

2-4. 7" singels 3.95 €

Main rule for P&P to EU/Scandinavia.

1. vinyl ........4.95 €.
2-3. vinyl... 9.95 €

Main rule for P&P International.

1. Vinyl .........8.95 €
2-3. Vinyl....12.95 €

Every item has been weight, so that you won't be charged too much P&P.

If you buy e.g. 1 post, 1 lp and  7" single,  the system will add these weights and calculate the P&P to your country, so you can see the full P&P before check out.

Inside EU P&P is FREE! if you buy for more than250 €.
Outside EU P&P is FREE! if you buy for more than 350 €.

All orders are send the same day they arrive.
All items are send in Custom-made vinyl packaging and wrapped in bubble wrap.
All vinyl are removed from the cover before shipment.

All new sealed vinyl are ONLY! opened and removed from the cover if the customer askes for this.

If you have any questions, pleas send me a mail on

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