Wolf People - Tidings

Vendor: Jagjaguwar
Year: 2010


Tidings is perhaps not quite an "official" debut album in that it compiles the singles Wolf People have released thus far, paving the way for their proper debut, but plenty of bands have started out exactly the same way, and it's as enthralling an introduction to the young British band's kaleidoscopic beard-rock world as anyone could want. It's impossible to talk about Tidings without discussing its obvious antecedents, just as it's impossible to assess the Rolling Stones' early recordings without mentioning the Chess blues roster. 


  1. Season Pt. 1
  2. Black Water
  3. Interlude: Plains/Banjoe
  4. Cotton Strands
  5. Interlude: Circle/Viking/Colours
  6. Storm Cloud
  7. Interlude: Grandfather
  8. Interlude: Scraps
  9. October Fires
  10. Interlude: Mercy Fragment
  11. April
  12. Untitled
  13. Interlude: Cotton Fragment
  14. Empty Heart
  15. Season Pt. 2

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Wolf People - Tidings Wolf People - Tidings