Supremes - New Ways, But Love Stays

Vendor: Tamla Motown
Released: 1970


HS1768 made in Denmark. Vinyl EX. Cover VG++.

In 1970 a determined Supremes recorded three albums -- unprecedented for a band who lost a superstar lead singer. That all three albums launched hits in the Top 25 is amazing as well. New Ways But Love Stays is the second volume of this film as directed by producer Frank Wilson, containing the post-Diana Ross Supremes biggest hit, "Stoned Love." Co-written by Frank Wilson, as was the other Top Ten smash, "Up the Ladder to the Roof" from their debut with Jean Terrell on lead vocals, Right On, the two albums were recorded almost simultaneously.


Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music 3:30
Stoned Love 4:00
It's Time To Break Down 5:00
Bridge Over Troubled Water 5:29
I Wish I Were Your Mirror 2:56
Come Together 3:58
Is There A Place (In His Heart For Me) 3:54
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye 2:47
Shine On Me 3:59
Thank Him For Today 2:59

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Supremes - New Ways, But Love Stays Supremes - New Ways, But Love Stays