Ray Manzarek - Carmina Burana

Vendor: AM Records
Released: 1983


AMLH 64945 made in Holland. With original innersleeve. Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

This is a staggeringly different piece of music for those who only know the Ray Manzarek of "Light My Fire" or "L.A. Woman" fame. The 1983 collaboration with Philip Glass and Kurt Munkacsi holds many revelations. As the post-Morrison Doors splintered off into various side projects, Manzarek's notable The Golden Scarab and The Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll Now It's Out of Control to the Krieger/Densmore schizophrenic unit known as the Butts Band, as well as guitarist Krieger's jazz-flavored solo discs, the journeymen musicians opened windows beyond the music of the Doors.



Destiny: Ruler Of The World:
A1 The Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) 3:06
A2 The Wounds Of Fate (Fortune Plango) 3:44
A3 The Face Of Spring (Veris Leta Facies) 4:16
A4 Sunrise (Omnia Sol Temperat) 2:14
A5 Welcome (Ecce Gratum) 2:46
A6 The Dance (Tanz) 2:25
A7 Sweetest Boy (Dulcissime) 0:34
A8 If The Whole World Was Mine (Were Diu Werlt) 0:50
         In The Tavern:
B1 Boiling Rage (Estuans Interius) 3:14
B2 The Roasted Swan (Olim Lacus) 2:11
B3 In The Tavern (In Taberna) 2:33
         The Court Of Love:
B4 Love Flies Everywhere (Amor Volat) 2:08
B5 A Young Girl (Stetit Puella) 2:54
B6 Come, My Beauty (Veni Veni Venias) 2:36
B7 The Lovers (Blanziflor Et Helena) 1:16
         Destiny: Ruler Of The World:
B8 The Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) 3:09

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Ray Manzarek - Carmina Burana Ray Manzarek - Carmina Burana