Melua, Katie - Ketevan

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Released: 18-09-13.


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KATIE Melua is set to release her sixth studio album entitled Ketevan on September 18.  The album will be released on the same date as Belfast-raised singer is both on her 29th birthday and the ten year anniversary since her début album Call Off The Search topped the charts.  This first album featured two songs that she wrote, including Belfast (Penguins and Cats).  The song was inspired by Georgian-born Melua’s upbringing in Northern Ireland.  Melua moved to Belfast with her family in 1993, living close to Falls Road, and they remained here for six years before heading to England.


1. Never Felt Less Like Dancing
2. Sailing Ships From Heaven
3. Love Is A Silent Thief
4. Shiver And Shake
5. The Love I'm Frightened Of
6. Where Does The Ocean Go?
7. Idiot School
8. Mad, Mad Men
9. Chase Me
10. I Never Fall
11. I Will Be There

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Melua, Katie - Ketevan Melua, Katie - Ketevan