Ladytron ‎– Velocifero

Vendor: Cobraside
2008: Released


CSDLP 1130 made in US. 2xLP white. 

Vinyl NM. Cover NM. 

With each album, Ladytron take their sound in distinctly different directions, but the aloof, glamorous, slightly sinister and more than a little bittersweet heart of their music remains the same. The changes from 604's sweet synth pop to Light & Magic's dark electro-pop to Witching Hour's epic shoegaze didn't sound like dabbling, precisely because the band has such a strong grip on exactly what they want to express with their music.


A1 Black Cat 5:08
A2 Ghosts 4:42
A3 I'm Not Scared 3:58
B1 Runaway 4:49
B2 Season Of Illusions 4:01
B3 Burning Up 4:08
C1 Kletva 2:42
C2 They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name 3:28
C3 Predict The Day 4:25
C4 The Lovers 2:38
D1 Deep Blue 5:02
D2 Tomorrow 3:35
D3 Versus 5:43


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Ladytron ‎– Velocifero Ladytron ‎– Velocifero