John Parr - John Parr

Vendor: Mercury
Released: 1984


826 384-1 made in Holland. With lyric innersleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

1984 was a terrific year for music, certainly the best of the decade, so it was easy for somebody like John Parr to sort of slip in underneath the radar with a record that was teasingly, tastefully raunchy -- a strip anthem for civilized bachelor parties, a perfect compliment to the Reagan era. This turned out to be a pretty good touchstone for the album, which was a far bigger hit than anybody that views Parr as just a man in motion would expect.


A1 Magical 3:15
A2 Naughty Naughty 3:36
A3 Love Grammar 4:13
A4 Treat Me Like An Animal 4:28
A5 St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) 3:43
B1 Revenge 4:34
B2 Heartbreaker 5:16
B3 Somebody Stole My Thunder 4:42
B4 Don't Leave Your Mark On Me 4:21

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John Parr - John Parr John Parr - John Parr