Ibrahim Electric - Rumour From Outer Space

Vendor: ILK
Released: 2014


The album marks the beginning of a new era, in history of the band, in which the Band will traverse the known universe searching for extraterrestrial musical beings. Their journey begins with the coincidental discovery of a strange object, which later turns out to be a spaceship from a long forgotten time. By activating the ship the band travel to the planet Xhinus, where new adventures awaits them. “Rumours from Outer Space” comprises 9 unique compositions based on Ibrahim Electrics experiences on this expedition.

149,95 dkr.


1 Attack from Above
2 Big Boss     4:28     
3 Rumours from Outerspace      4:26     
4 Moondogs on the Run    3:31     
5 Sneaky Galaxy Golddiggers     3:44     
6 Tales from Xhinus     5:02     
7 The Afribians Are Coming     6:05     
8 Space Invaders     5:26     
9 Jag vill leva

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Ibrahim Electric - Rumour From Outer Space Ibrahim Electric - Rumour From Outer Space