Springfield, Dusty - Cameo

Vendor: Dunhill abc Records
Released: 1973


DSX-50128 made in US. With Gatefold cover. With original innersleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

More than just a very excellent recording from Dusty Springfield, Cameo is one of the finest efforts from the team of Steve Barri, Dennis Lambert, and Brian Potter. Springfield reinvents Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey," including a verse not among the enclosed lyrics nor heard on Morrison's familiar FM radio hit. What you can hear is a carefulness, not from the singer, but from the production team who worked in different degrees with the 1972 and 1975 Grass Roots. There is nothing disposable here, nothing of the throwaway nature found on portions of those Grass Roots discs.



A1 Who Gets Your Love 3:24
A2 Breakin' Up A Happy Home 3:32
A3 Easy Evil 2:54
A4 Mama's Little Girl 3:30
A5 The Other Side Of Life 2:39
A6 Comin' And Goin' 3:10
B1 I Just Wanna Be There 2:39
B2 Who Could Be Loving You Other Than Me? 3:00
B3 Tupelo Honey 3:59
B4 Of All The Things 3:03
B5 Learn To Say Goodbye 2:48

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Springfield, Dusty  - Cameo Springfield, Dusty  - Cameo