Charged G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats

Vendor: Clay
Released: 1982


Clay LP 4 made in England. Vinyl EX. Cover VG++.

The influential, long-lived punk metal band G.B.H. rose to prominence in England during the early '80s when hardcore punk began inching toward heavy metal. Originally formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England, G.B.H. initially called itself Charged G.B.H. to differentiate itself from another band called G.B.H. The leather-clad, hair-spiked foursome began recording for the Clay label in the early '80s, releasing some singles before unleashing their influential debut album, City Baby Attacked by Rats, in 1982.


A1 Time Bomb 2:28
A2 Sick Boy 2:31
A3 Wardogs 1:30
A4 Slut 2:32
A5 Maniac 2:12
A6 Gunned Down 2:34
A7 I Am The Hunted 2:48
B1 City Baby Attacked By Rats 2:28
B2 The Prayer Of A Realist 2:24
B3 Passenger On The Menu 2:45
B4 Heavy Discipline 2:08
B5 Boston Babies 2:04
B6 Bellend Bop 5:07

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Charged G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats Charged G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats