Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream

Vendor: Mute Records
Released: 1992


Continuing the creative roll of Tender Prey and The Good Son, Henry's Dream showed the band in fierce and fine fettle once more. The biggest change was with the choice of producer -- David Briggs, famed for his work on some of Neil Young's strongest albums. While Cave later thought the experiment didn't work as well as he might have hoped, Briggs does a fine enough job, perhaps not letting the group's full intensity through but still capturing a live feel nonetheless.


Papa Won't Leave You, Henry     5:54     
I Had A Dream, Joe     3:42     
Straight To You     4:34     
Brother, My Cup Is Empty     3:02     
Christina The Astonishing     4:49     
When I First Came To Town     5:21     
John Finns' Wife     5:13     
Loom Of The Land     5:07     
Jack The Ripper     3:45

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Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream