Birds Of Satan - Birds of Satan

Vendor: Shanachie
Released: 2014


Taylor Hawkins, Wiley Hodgden and Mick Murphy aka The Birds Of Satan are issuing their self-titled debut on Shanabelle Records. For anyone asking who/what/why are The Birds Of The Satan. Well, there may or may not be a clue in the lyrics of the instant gratification track "Thanks For The Line" but as to the musical nature of this beast: That question is answered in short order by the album's opening manifesto, the near-10-minute "The Ballad of the Birds of Satan," which progresses from a typically frenetic Hawkins drum salvo into an outright heavy-prog epic concluding with an undeniable boogie groove.


1. The Ballad of the Birds of Satan
2. Thanks for the Line
3. Pieces of the Puzzle
4. Raspberries
5. Nothing At All
6. Wail Til Tomorrow
7. Too Far Gone to See


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Birds Of Satan - Birds of Satan Birds Of Satan - Birds of Satan