13th Floor Elevators - Rockius of Levitatum

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Collection: Progressive/Psychedelic
Release: 1966



To fully understand and appreciate a band like the 13th Floor Elevators, one had to see them play live, preferably more than once-the reason being that no two Elevators shows were ever alike, ranging from brilliantly euphoric to unbelievably catastrophic. Of course, the unevenness of their performances was due to one small but powerful thing called LSD.which the band took in copious amounts prior to each show (often charitably passing it out to members of the audience as well). For the Elevators this was a way of life.for which they (particularly lead singer and guitarist Roky Erickson) would notoriously soon pay. This collection of live tracks gives those of us who weren't there during those halcyon days of psychedelia, a taste of just what lofty heights (and hellish depths) the Elevators were capable of reaching.


1. Roller coaster
2. You're gonna miss me
3. Before You Accuse Me
4. Tried to hide
5. Don't fall down
6. The world
7. I'm gonna love you too
8. You don't know
9. Everybody needs somebody to love
10. Splash 1
11. Monkey Island
12. Kingdom of heaven
13. Fire engine
14. She Lives (In A Time Of her Own)
15. I've got levitation

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13th Floor Elevators  - Rockius of Levitatum 13th Floor Elevators  - Rockius of Levitatum