Accept - Balls To The Wall

Vendor: Polydor
Collection: Metal
Country: Germany


Polydor 815.73-1 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Accept's most notorious album, Balls to the Wall was also their biggest commercial success. Following hot upon the heels of their creative breakthrough, Restless and Wild, you'd also be hard pressed to find a more sexually charged record in any musical genre. Its hysterically nonsensical lyrics notwithstanding, the legendary title track remains an irresistible, fist-pumping masterpiece that came to epitomize the modern, slow-marching metal anthem as it became known.


Balls To The Wall     5:42         
London Leatherboys     3:57         
Fight It Back     3:38         
Head Over Heels     4:25         
Losing More Than You've Ever Had     5:10         
Love Child     3:34         
Turn Me On     5:12         
Losers And Winners     4:19         
Guardian Of The Night     4:24         
Winterdreams     4:52

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Accept - Balls To The Wall Accept - Balls To The Wall