Improved packaging

Posted by Bo Ellegaard on August 11, 2013 0 Comments

All RecordPusher orders are now packed in new improved packaging so your vinyl record doesn't get damaged, no more bend corners.

Inside the vinyl is take out of the sleeve (sealed vinyl only if customer ask for it)

We remove all 2hand  vinyl from the cover to prevent seam split to cover.

Music On Vinyl are ALL! vinyl removed from the cover, due to theire loose wraping to prevend seam split

All items on RecordPusher are wrapped in bubbelplast when shiped.



1 - 10 vinyler 6,49 € (48,- dkr)

Inside EU:

1 vinyl lp 6.95 €   (dobbelt albums counts for two) without track & trace.
2-5 vinyl lp 14.95 €  (dobbelt albums counts for two) without track & trace.
If you want tracking add 10 €

more than 5 psc. please ask



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