Young, Neil - Hawks & Doves

Vendor: reprise records
Released: 1980


Reprise HS 2297 made in  with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Following up the energetic, one-two punch of RUST NEVER SLEEPS and LIVE RUST, Neil Young takes a more understated route with 1980's HAWKS & DOVES. On rustic tracks such as "Little Wing" and "The Old Homestead" (both written in the mid-'70s), Young revisits his HARVEST era with a spare sound that relies heavily on his distinctive voice and acoustic guitar. As the album progresses, its scope widens both musically and lyrically; "Stayin' Power" is a jaunty, piano-driven tune about the power of love, while "Comin' Apart at Every Nail" is a guitar-laden hoedown that comments on the US government.


1. Little Wing
2. The Old Homestead
3. Lost In Space
4. Captain Kennedy
5. Stayin´ Power
6. Coastline
7. Union Man
8. Comin´ Apart At Every Nail
9. Hawks And Doves

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Young, Neil - Hawks & Doves Young, Neil - Hawks & Doves