Wilson, Reuben - Blue Mode.

Vendor: Blue Note
Released: 2008


Reuben Wilson was one of many soul-jazz organists to emerge in the late '60s, but he was one of only a handful of new organists from that era to be signed to Blue Note. By that point in the label's history, most of their artists were concentrating on accessible soul-jazz, and while he occasionally strayed outside of the conventions of the genre, Wilson more or less followed their rule. Between 1968 and 1971, he recorded five sessions for the label. None of his records received much acknowledgment at the time, but they were later rediscovered by a new generation of soul-jazz fans, becoming collector's items within acid jazz and soul-jazz revivalist circles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reuben_Wilson

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1. Bambu - Reuben Wilson, Sparks, Melvin
2. Knock on Wood - Reuben Wilson, Floyd, Eddie
3. Bus Ride
4. Orange Peel
5. Twenty-Five Miles - Reuben Wilson, Bristol, Johnny
6. Blue Mode

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Wilson, Reuben - Blue Mode. Wilson, Reuben - Blue Mode.