Wilson, Brian - That Lucky Old Sun

Vendor: Capitol Records
Released: 2008


That Lucky Old Sun, Brian Wilson's second major thematic work, isn't quite the third coming of SMiLE. Instead, it's an overripe ode to the Southern California of the '50s and '60s that the Beach Boys constantly evoked, and although it's polished with the peak-era production style that Wilson made famous, most of the songs are wrapped around the awkward songwriting and overwrought pop/rock he's revisited again and again since his first major return to form, back in 1976. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Wilson


That Lucky Old Sun     0:57     
Morning Beat     2:54     
Narrative: Room With A View     0:45     
Good Kind Of Love     3:20     
Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl     2:52     
Narrative: Venice Beach     0:45     
Live Let Live / That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)     2:34     
Mexican Girl     2:42     
Narrative: Cinco De Mayo     0:46     
California Role / That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)     2:40     
Narrative: Between Pictures     0:47     
Oxygen To The Brain     3:28     
Can't Wait Too Long     0:54     
Midnight's Another Day     3:57     
That Lucky Old Sun (Reprise)     0:43     
Going Home     3:04     
Southern California     4:55

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Wilson, Brian - That Lucky Old Sun Wilson, Brian - That Lucky Old Sun