Sort Sol - Fog Things

Vendor: Medley (EMI)
Released: 1991


Medley 7805230 made in Denmark with text inner sleeve. Vinyl EX. Cover NM.

ort Sol is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark - these days a trio with Steen Jørgensen, Lars Top-Galia and Tomas Ortved. The band was formed in 1977 as a punk rock outfit, originally under the name Sods. Despite changes in the group’s line-up their current name, which translates into English as Black Sun; a commonly known expression for the phenomenon occurring, when starlets gather in huge flocks before migrating in the autumn in Denmark, has remained with them since the early 1980s.


White Shirt     3:15     
Hurricane Fighter Plane     3:20     
Love Is All Around     3:37     
Interpreter     2:33     
Marguerita     2:22     
Shapes Of Summer     3:03     
A Knife For The Ladies     2:51     
Angelus Novus     1:57     
Midget Finger     4:37     
Misguided     4:13     
Copenhagen     3:05     
Indian Summer     4:47     
Girl Of 1000 Tears     2:46     
Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town     3:02     
Lost His Head     2:21     
Marble Station     4:42

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Sort Sol - Fog Things Sort Sol - Fog Things