Smith, Patti Group - Radio Ethiopia

Vendor: Atria
Year: 1976


Arista AL 4097 made in Canada with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Radio Ethiopia is the follow up to Smith's widely acclaimed debut Horses.  In interviews surrounding the album's release, Smith explained that she chose producer Jack Douglas in hopes of making the album a commercial success. But the record turned out to be one of Patti Smith's most experimental pieces of music she has ever produced in her ingenious career.  What this album does is, take the complexity and experimentation of the vocal poetry of "Horses" and infuses it into the sound. The record comes with a 4 page insert written by Mrs. smith herself.


A1 Ask The Angels
A2 Ain't It Strange 
A3 Poppies  
A4 Pissing In A River 

B1 Pumping (My Heart) 
B2 Distant Fingers 
B3 Radio Ethiopia 
B4 Abyssinia

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Smith, Patti Group - Radio Ethiopia Smith, Patti Group - Radio Ethiopia