Smile - Smile

Vendor: Høre Kiks
Released: 1973


Hørekiks HKLP 1 made in Denmark. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

The group was inspired by Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears , but excelled with their own lyrics and music ( Waldejer / Neergaard ) . Debut `an in Art pavilion in Esbjerg aroused resonate and got DR to produce two programs - one directly from the bay window in Aabenr , the other a studio recording in Broadcasting House , Copenhagen , Erik Moseholm as a producer. Personnel: Erik Waldeyer, Gert Kring, Henning Bach and Poul Bjelke.


Side 1.
A1. Carry Rainbows 04:12
A2. Orchid Woman 04:06
A3. It's Not What 03:41
A4. Pretty Susan Darling 00:58
A5. Just Because Your Mother Is Here 04:11
A6. If The Sky 02:25  •

Side 2.
B1. Crying Nation 00:48
B2. Few Words 04:30
B3. Prostitutes 00:53
B4. When I'm Sad 03:34
B5. I'd Be A Noy 04:23
B6. Popstar 05:04

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Smile - Smile Smile - Smile