Sleaford Mods - T.C.R.

Vendor: Rough Trade
Released: 14-10-16


The EP’s title track was inspired by a ’70s/’80s toy racing set, and the video features a working model. Frontman Jason Willmanson takes it from here: The idea behind the T.C.R. video was to show and use the actual 1980’s toy racing kit in its original environment which would of most probably been the living room floor for most kids at that time. It’s a pretty crap device and I thought it married perfectly to the idea of life’s (at times) rotating dross. The narration/vocal over the song is just that, an account of a bloke reacting to what he feels is a routine laden existence by ‘escaping’ for the night to the pub only to realize this is also a limited experience and in turn all options kind of merge into a circular experience of never ending repetition that he tries to navigate.


1. T.C.R.
2. I Can Tell
3. Britain Thirst
4. Dad’s Corner
5. You’re A Nottshead

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Sleaford Mods - T.C.R. Sleaford Mods - T.C.R.