Slade - Sladest

Vendor: Polydor
Country: England


Polydor 2442 119 made in England in gatefold cover with 8 pages booklet.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Falling somewhere between the glam of T.Rex and the hard rock of Nazareth, Slade's finest moments came with arena rockers "Cum on Feel the Noize," "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," and "Gudbye t' Jayne," songs specifically written to be strong live numbers that would get kids up off their seats. Sladest is a "best-of" collection that includes all of the material that helped the band sell tons of records and fill arenas in the U.K.


Cum On Feel The Noize          
Look Wot You Dun          
Gudbuy T'Jane          
One Way Hotel          
Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me          
Pouk Hill          
The Shape Of Things To Come          
Take Me Back 'Ome          
Coz I Luv You          
Wild Winds Are Blowin'          
Know Who You Are          
Get Down And Get With It (Get Down With It)          
Look At Last Nite          
Mama Weer All Crazee Now


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Slade - Sladest Slade - Sladest