Sex Pistols - There'le Always Be An England.

Vendor: Fremantle Media
Year: 2008


There'll Always Be An England
Live From Brixton Academy 2007

Feature running time: 77 mins approx
Extras running time: 97 mins approx
Released: June 30th 2011 (UK)

When the Sex Pistols tore onto the scene in the late '70s, rock and roll was changed irrevocably. The noisy, snotty punk act served as a flashpoint for a movement that had been broiling just below the surface; when they exploded into the mainstream, the ripples could be traced through to the furthest reaches of the modern landscape. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their classic debut album NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS, founding members Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook, and Glen Matlock reunited in 2007 for a week-long stand in the UK, playing everything from "Anarchy in the UK" to "Pretty Vacant" before sold-out crowds. THERE'LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND captures the very best of these retrospective performances, and offers a bonus feature that follows the musicians back to their London haunts of their youth.



       01. there'll always be an england 03:50
  02. pretty vacant 04:04
  03. seventeen 02:20
  04. no feelings 04:01
  05. new york 03:42
  06. did you no wrong 03:57
  07. liar 03:04
  08. beside the seaside 01:05
  09. holidays in the sun 03:38
  10. submission 05:23
  11. i'm not your stepping stone 03:37
  12. no fun 06:36
  13. problems 05:57
  14. god save the queen 03:57
  15. emi 05:05
  16. bodies 04:14
  17. anarchy in the uk 04:09
  18. end credits 02:09
  19. roadrunner 06:28


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Sex Pistols - There'le Always Be An England. Sex Pistols - There'le Always Be An England.