Richard, Cliff - More Hits-By Cliff

Vendor: Columbia
Year: 1963


Columbia SCX 3555 made in GT. Britain. Vinyl EX. Cover VG.

By mid 1962, he had run up 20 major hit singles. By late 1964, he had added 11 more, including two number ones and three number twos, and nothing lower than a number eight. Of the artists whom the younger Richard might have termed his contemporaries, not one had survived into the mid-1960s -- Billy Fury, Adam Faith, and Johnny Kidd had all been swallowed by the sands of time. Richard, however, marched on, no longer absolutely inviolate, but seemingly indestructible all the same. More Hits picks up precisely where its predecessor left of, by rounding up both of the hits from Summer Holiday, plus "It'll Be Me," the proto-Merseybeat masterpiece which opened the 32 Minutes and 17 Seconds album. From there, each of his hits up to the end of 1964 was repeated in strict chronological order, an unchallenging selection, but a peerless one.


1. It'll Be Me
2. The Next Time
3. Bachelor Boy
4. Summer Holiday
5. Dancing Shoes
6. Lucky Lips
7. It's All In The Game
8. Don't Talk To Him
9. I'm The Lonely One
10. Constantly
11. On The Beach
12. A Matter Of Moments
13. The Twelfth Of Never
14. I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)

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Richard, Cliff - More Hits-By Cliff Richard, Cliff - More Hits-By Cliff