Reed, Eli Paperboy - Come And Get It.

Vendor: Capitol Records
Released: 2010


It's been a wild ride, that's for sure," admits Eli "Paperboy" Reed, looking back at the incredible journey that took the boyish-looking yet preternaturally mature soul belter from a Boston high school band room to a Mississippi Delta juke joint, from Sunday morning gigs behind the organ at a tiny South Side Chicago church to headlining the coolest clubs in Brooklyn with his red-hot band, and now, signed to Capitol Records.


1.  Young Girl 
2.  Name Calling 
3.  Help Me 
4.  Just Like Me 
5.  Come And Get It 
6.  Pick A Number 
7.  I Found You Out
8.  Tell Me What I Wanna Hear
9.  Time Will Tell 
10. You Can Run On 
11. Pick Your Battles
12. Explosion

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Reed, Eli Paperboy - Come And Get It. Reed, Eli Paperboy - Come And Get It.