Paramount Records Wonder-Cabinet - V/A

Vendor: Third Man Records
Released: 2013




How did a Wisconsin chair company, producing records on the cheap and run by men with little knowledge of their audience or the music business, build one of the greatest musical rosters ever assembled under one roof?  The answer lies in ‘The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-1932,’ an epic, two-volume omnibus of art, words and music housed in a limited-edition, hand-sculpted cabinet-of-wonder, to be jointly released by Jack White’s Third Man Records and John Fahey’s Revenant Records.  ‘Volume One,’ which covers the label’s improbable rise from 1917-1927, will be released exclusively through Third Man on October 29, and worldwide on November 19.  The project is co-produced by leading Paramount authority Alex van der Tuuk, and ‘Volume 2’ will be released in November 2014.

* 800 newly-remastered digital tracks, representing 172 artists

* 200+ fully-restored original 1920s ads and images

* 6x 180g vinyl LPs pressed on burled chestnut colored vinyl w/ hand-engraved, blind-embossed gold-leaf labels, housed in a laser-etched white birch LP folio

* 250 page deluxe large-format clothbound hardcover art book

* 360 page encyclopedia-style softcover field guide containing artist portraits and full Paramount discography

* Handcrafted quarter-sawn oak cabinet with lush sage velvet upholstery and custom-forged metal hardware

* First-of-its-kind music and image player app, allowing user mgmt of all tracks and ads, housed on custom-designed USB drive.

Vinyl Tracklist.

A1     –Skip James     I'm So Glad (Pm 13098, L-759-1)     2:50
A2     –Wilmer Watts And The Lonely Eagles     Knocking Down Casey Jones (Bwy 8248, 2455--)     3:12
A3     –Mississippi Sheiks     Please Baby (Pm 13153, L-1562-2)     3:35
A4     –Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham Alabama, The     Clanka A Lanka (Sleep On Mother) (Pm 13119, L-1230-1)     3:08
A5     –Charley Patton     I'm Goin' Home (Pm 12883, 15227--)     3:15
A6     –Dixie Four     Five O'Clock Stomp (Pm 12674, 20657-1)     2:35
A7     –Clifford Gibson     Tired Of Being Mistreated Part 1 (QRS R7079, 484 - A)     3:10
B1     –Carver Boys     Tim Brook (Pm 3199, 15546--)     2:11
B2     –Jabo Williams     Jab Blues (Pm 13141, L-1404-2)     3:23
B3     –Elvie Thomas     Motherless Child Blues (Pm 12977, L-264-2)     3:22
B4     –Bob Coleman     Tear It Down (Pm 12731, 21102-1)     2:50
B5     –Soileau & Robin     Easy Rider Blues (Pm 12808, 15344--)     2:56
B6     –Tub Jug Washboard Band, The     San (Pm 12671, 20671-2)     3:04
B7     –Bessie Mae Smith And Wesley Wallace     St. Louis Daddy (Pm 12922, L-78-1)     3:05
C1     –Lottie Kimbrough     Rolling Log Blues (Pm 12850, 14162--)     3:18
C2     –Cow Cow Davenport*     Chimes Blues (Ch 15726, 14978--)     3:19
C3     –Edward Thompson (2)     West Virginia Blues (Pm 13018, 2416-A)     3:10
C4     –Biddleville Quintette     Wasn't That A Mighty Day (Pm 12845, 422-A)     2:52
C5     –Blind Blake - Charlie Spand     Hastings St. (Pm 12863, 15457--)     3:15
C6     –Emry Arthur     Reuben Oh Reuben (Pm 3237, L-107-1)     3:00
C7     –Skip James     Special Rider Blues (Pm 13098, L-760-2)     3:03
D1     –Ollie Hess     Mammy's Lullaby (Bwy 8322, L-1369-1)     4:03
D2     –King Solomon Hill     The Gone Dead Train (Ch 50022, L-1254-2     3:21
D3     –Blind Arthur Groom And Bro. Blind Roosevelt Graves     Take Your Burdens To The Lord (Pm 12874, 15645-A)     3:12
D4     –Blind Leroy Garnett     Louisiana Glide (Pm 12879, 15767--)     3:11
D5     –Winston Holmes And Charlie Turner     Rounders Lament (Pm 12798, 15259--)     3:07
D6     –Willie Brown (2)     M & O Blues (Ch 50023, L-413-2)     3:05
D7     –Norfolk Jazz Quartette     Oh What Is The Matter Now (Pm 12844, 6112-1)3:18     3:06
E1     –Hokum Boys, The (3)     Gamblers Blues (St. James Infirmary Blues) (Pm 12897, 21463-1)     2:49
E2     –Charley Patton     High Water Everywhere - Part I (Pm 12909, L-59-1     3:05
E3     –Windy Rhythm Kings*     South African Blues (Pm 12770, 21255-1)     3:15
E64     –Emry Arthur And Della Hatfield     A Railroad Lover For Me (Bwy 8266, L-132-2)     2:52
E5     –Jaydee Short*     Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake (Pm 13043, L-468-1)     2:52
E6     –James Wiggins     Frisco Bound (Pm 12860, 15769-A)     3:20
E7     –Tommy Settlers & His Blues Moaner     Big Bed Bug (Pm 13056, L-603-1)     2:38
E8     –King Solomon Hill     Down On My Bended Knee (Cr 3325, L-1253-2)     2:56
F1     –Bogus Ben Covington     Adam And Eve In The Garden (Pm 12693, 20863-1)     2:42
F2     –Son House     Walkin' Blues (Pm Unissued, 9/2#1)     2:57
F3     –Dobby Bragg     Fire Detective Blues (Pm 12827, 15557--)     3:09
F4     –Skip James     Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues (Pm 13065, L-752-2)     2:51
F5     –Walter And Byrd     Wasn't It Sad About Lemon (Pm 12945, L-276-3)     3:03
F6     –Blind Joe Reynolds     Cold Woman Blues (Pm 12983, L-147-3)     2:57
F7     –Wilmer Watts And The Lonely Eagles     Sleepy Desert (Pm 3282, 2463--)     3:06
F8     –Geeshie Wiley     Last Kind Words Blues (Pm 12951, L-257-4)     3:01
G1     –Johnnie Head     Fare Thee Well - Part II (Pm 12628, 20275-2)     2:38
G2     –Slim Barton & Eddie Mapp     Wicked Treatin' Blues (QRS R7089, 471-A)     2:58
G3     –B.L. Pritchard Acc. By Scottdale String Band     Stone Mountain Wobble (Pm 3320, L-1503-2)     3:22
G4     –Ma Rainey     Black Eye Blues (Pm Unissued, 20898-1)     3:21
G5     –Teddy Darby     Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues (Pm 12828, 15566--)     3:07
G6     –Little Brother Montgomery     Vicksburg Blues (Pm 13006, L-502-1)     3:00
G7     –Charley Patton     Jim Lee Blues - Part I (Pm 13080, L-57-2)     3:05
H1     –Blind Willie Davis     When The Saints Go Marching In (Pm 12658, 20298--)     1:58
H2     –Clarence Williams And His Orchestra     Long, Deep And Wide (QRS R7004, 151-)     2:29
H3     –Rube Lacy     Mississippi Jail House Groan (Pm 12629, 20419-2)     3:26
H4     –'Boodle It' Wiggins*     Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get In (Pm 12662, 20378-1)     2:44
H5     –Son House     Dry Spell Blues - Part I (Pm 12990, L-425-4)     3:12
H6     –Skip James     If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road (Pm 13066, L-766-1)     2:56
H7     –Mississippi Sheiks, The*     Tell Me To Do Right (Pm 13156, L-1550-2)     3:33
H8     –Elder J.J. Hadley     Prayer Of Death - Part 2 (Pm 12799, 15225-A)1:58     2:48
I1     –Famous Blue Jay Singers Of Birmingham Alabama, The     I Declare My Mother Ought To Live Right (Ch 50026, L-1245-2)     3:03
I2     –Ishman Bracey     Woman Woman Blues (Pm 12970, L-239-2)     3:26
I3     –Clarence Black And His Savoy Trio     'Cause I Feel Low Down (Pm 12683, 20776-2)     2:38
I4     –Blind Blake     Diddie Wa Diddie (Pm 12888, 15459-A)     2:58
I5     –Frank Palmes     Troubled 'Bout My Soul (Pm 12893, 21413-2)     2:53
I6     –Charley Patton     Rattlesnake Blues (Pm 12924, L-63-2)     2:47
I7     –Hokum Boys, The (3)     Only The Blues (Pm Unissued, 21073-2U     2:54
I8     –Blind Joe Taggart     He Done What The World Couldn't Do (Pm Unissued, L-699-2)     3:01
J1     –Mississippi Sheiks, The*     The New Stop And Listen (Pm 13134, L-1551-3)     3:50
J2     –Brother Fullbosom     A Sermon On A Silver Dollar (Pm 13078, L-866-1)     3:03
J3     –Blind Joe Reynolds     Nehi Blues (Pm 12927, L-146-2)     3:14
J4     –Bill Moore     One Way Gal (Pm 12648, 20309-1)     3:18
J5     –Skip James     Devil Got My Woman (Pm 13088, L-746-1)     3:01
J6     –Louise Johnson     By The Moon And Stars (Pm 13008, L-420-2)     2:53
J7     –Mr. Freddie Spruell*     Tom Cat Blues (Pm 12665, 20727-2)     3:07
K1     –Son House     My Black Mama - Part II (Pm 13042, L-409-2)     3:16
K2     –Virginia Dandies     God’s Getting Worried (Cr 3145, 1221-1)     2:42
K3     –Jesse Johnson And His Singers     I Wish I Had Died In Egyptland - Pt. I (Pm 12829, 15570--)     3:24
K4     –Geeshie Wiley     Pick Poor Robin Clean (Pm 13074, L-824-1)     3:14
K5     –Blind Lemon Jefferson     See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Pm 12608, 20374-1)     2:54
K6     –George "Bullet" Williams     The Escaped Convict (Pm 12651, 20593-2)     2:59
K7     –Tommy Johnson     Lonesome Home Blues (Pm 13000, L-230-2)     3:08
L1     –Mandel Terry And Orchestra     Black And Tan Fantasy (Bwy 1498, L-1199-2)     3:37
L2     –Kentucky Ramblers     Good Cocaine (Mama Don't Allow It) (Bwy 8271, L-552-2)     3:18
L3     –Blind Joe Taggart     In That Pearly White City Above (Pm 13059, L-703-2)     3:08
L4     –Walter Hawkins (2)     A Rag Blues (Pm 12814, 15212--)     3:00
L5     –Bessie Mae Smith     Farewell Baby Blues (Pm 12922, L-90-2)     2:56
L6     –Blind Willie Davis     I Believe I'll Go Back Home (Pm 12979, L-113-1)     3:06
L7     –Lottie Kimbrough     Going Away Blues (Pm 12850, 14163-A)     2:41

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