Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation

Vendor: Heavenly Recordings
Released: 2016


Night Beats play pure psychedelic R&B music that spikes the punch and drowns your third eye in sonic waves of colour. Theirs is a bastard blues, contorted and distorted into new shapes for 21st century wastoids — once tasted never forgotten. This is music to melt your sorry little minds. Make no mistake: their new album Who Sold My Generation sounds like it has been created against a backdrop of burning Stars and Stripes flags and with the whiff of napalm hanging in the air — an alternative universe where ‘Helter Skelter’ is the national anthem and Charlie Manson is still on the loose. 

129,95 dkr


A1 Celebration #1
A2 Power Child
A3 Right / Wrong
A4 No Cops
A5 Porque Mañana
A6 Sunday Mourning
B1 Shangri Lah
B2 Burn To Breathe
B3 Bad Love
B4 Last Train To Jordan
B5 Turn The Lights
B6 Egypt Berry

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Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation