Monty Python's - Previous Record

Vendor: Charisma
Year: 1978


Charisma CHC 80 made in UK.

Vinyl  EX. Cover EX.

As Monty Python was the first major British-comedy team without previous experience in radio or other audio-only forms of comedy, one would think that this would be a difficult transition. However, the new material on the album is uniformly excellent, and parts of the record quickly became fan favorites. In particular, John Cleese's song "Eric the Half a Bee," with its brilliantly twisting semi-philosophical lyrics and jaunty tune, and Michael Palin's "We Love the Yangtse," a precursor to his post-Python work as a travel-show host, are among the best songs the troupe ever did. An excellent mix of new material and old favorites, MONTY PYTHON'S PREVIOUS RECORD was the team's first great comedy album. 


A1 Embarrassment / A Bed Time Book 2:55  

A2 England 1747 - Dennis Moore 1:00  

A3 Money Programme 1:55  

A4 Dennis Moore Continues 1:10  

A5 Australian Table Wines 1:45  

A6 Argument Clinic 3:40  

A7 Putting Down Budgies And So Forth 1:40  

A8 Eric The Half A Bee 4:55  

A9 Travel Agency 3:50  

B1 Radio Quiz Game 1:30  

B2 A Massage / City Noises Quiz 1:30  

B3 Miss Anne Elk 2:50  

B4 We Love The Yangtse 2:40  

B5 How-To-Do-It Lessons 1:05  

B6 A Minute Passed 1:20  

B7 Eclipse Of The Sun / Alistair Cooke 2:25  

B8 Wonderful World Of Sounds 2:30  

B9 A Fairy Tale 6:45

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Monty Python's - Previous Record Monty Python's - Previous Record