Mellencamp, John - Vinyl Collection 1982-1989

Vendor: Mercury
Released: 2016



The vinyl collection box set celebrates John Mellencamp's records from 1982-1989. Includes 'American Fool', 'UhHuh', 'Scarecrow', 'The Lonesome Jubilee', and 'Big Daddy'. All albums cut from the original analog master tapes on 180 gram vinyl.


LP 1
  1. Hurts So Good (Side A)
  2. Jack & Diane (Side A)
  3. Hand To Hold On To (Side A)
  4. Danger List (Side A)
  5. Can You Take It (Side A)
  6. Thundering Hearts (Side B)
  7. China Girl (Side B)
  8. Close Enough (Side B)
  9. Weakest Moments (Side B)

LP 2
  1. Crumblin' Down (Side A)
  2. Pink Houses (Side A)
  3. Authority Song (Side A)
  4. Warmer Place To Sleep (Side A)
  5. Jackie O (Side B)
  6. Play Guitar (Side B)
  7. Serious Business (Side B)
  8. Lovin' Mother Fo Ya (Side B)
  9. Golden Gates (Side B)

LP 3
  1. Rain On The Scarecrow (Side A)
  2. Grandma's Theme (Side A)
  3. Small Town (Side A)
  4. Minutes To Memories (Side A)
  5. Lonely Ol' Night (Side A)
  6. The Face Of The Nation (Side A)
  7. Justice And Independence '85 (Side B)
  8. Between A Laugh And A Tear (Side B)
  9. Rumbleseat (Side B)
  10. You've Got To Stand For Something'(Side B)
  11. R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.(A Salute To 60's Rock) (Side B)

LP 4
  1. Paper In Fire (Side A)
  2. Down And Out In Paradise (Side A)
  3. Check It Out (Side A)
  4. The Real Life (Side A)
  5. Cherry Bomb (Side A)
  6. We Are The People (Side B)
  7. Empty Hands (Side B)
  8. Hard Times For An Honest Man (Side B)
  9. Hotdogs And Hamburgers (Side B)
  10. Rooty Toot Toot (Side B)

LP  5
  1. Big Daddy Of Them All (Side A)
  2. To Live (Side A)
  3. Martha Say (Side A)
  4. Theo And Weird Henry (Side A)
  5. Jackie Brown (Side A)
  6. Pop Singer (Side B)
  7. Void In My Heart (Side B)
  8. Mansions In Heaven (Side B)
  9. Sometimes A Great Notion (Side B)
  10. Country Gentleman (Side B)
  11. J.M.'S Question (Side B)

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Mellencamp, John - Vinyl Collection 1982-1989 Mellencamp, John - Vinyl Collection 1982-1989